Forscan focccus ff2 elmconfig software download

Forscan focccus ff2 elmconfig software download

Does not work on heavy trucks. We accept payment by any of the following methods: PayPal Please pay as soon as possible after winning an auction, as that will allow us to post your item to you sooner! Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any problem with your order, please contact us and we will do our best to make you satisfied. If you have any queries, please contact us via ebay.

We usually respond within 24 hours on weekdays. Update: This version has fixed all the previous issues of the switch and lack of Mod support for newest car models. Mods forand car models have also been updated. The device comes with installation instructions and a full access to our substantial list of FORScan diagnostic resource and car coding information. When in doubt or stuck in endless research, you can contact us.

We'll also appreciate your feedbacks. We offer FREE shipping on all orders! We ship within Three business days of payment, usually sooner. Local pickups and combined shipping options are not provided at this time. You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.

Please keep the receipt. Please visit our eBay store to check out other items for sale! Thank you for shopping at our store.Downloaded both pieces of software, just wondering what peoples experiences of both are and what the difference is between the two. Elmconfig does have some diagnostic functions but these are in my opinion less advanced than other diagnostic software.

This is a link to the website of Civil-zz. He is the developer of ELMconfig. Later MK3. The FoCCCus software is no longer developed any further. There will never be full support for the MK3. The original developer of the FoCCCus software stopped developing the software any further about 3 Years ago.

After the MK3. This is because of the different hardware and software version numbers of the MK3. At that time the original developer of the program did not plan to modify the program to work with the MK3.

However after the introduction of the MK3. These changes are included in the latest available FoCCCus version which is not made by the original author. Unfortunately after a relative short time Ford changed the hardware and software version numbers again.

These changes are never included in the FoCCCus program and probably will never be included. At the moment the ForScan software with extended licence which can be obtained for free is the best software solution for the Focus MK3.

The exact functionality however can differ between the different Ford models. The more advanced functionality is only included in the extended mode which requires the extended licence. The extended licence can be obtained for free after registration on the ForScan forum. The extended licence is 2 months valid and can easily be renewed after this period. Something else to learn then, Any Pointers on where to go? Looking to get the Auto locking while driving and a general look about.

Hopefully then get the sync 3 Retrofitted when the money pot is a bit more full.Supports FORD models open hidden function.

forscan focccus ff2 elmconfig software download

Supported protocols: 1. ISO 5 baud init, Step 9: Enter the installation code and click[Generate Key] button. Then enter the registration keys to complete the registration. Software port settings and device manager detected ports, both must be consistent.

Select the language and click the [Open] button. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Other mainstream models that comply with the international standard obd2 agreement.

Functions: 1. Read vehicle configuration 4.

forscan focccus ff2 elmconfig software download

Actuator tests 5. Live Data 6.

FoCCCus Central ECU Config Edit – ELM327 – Focus MK3

Injector coding 7. Software update 8. Service program 9. Force DPF regeneration Programming Coding Check out. Version V1.

ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 USB Adapter for Windows, Ford Diagnostic ELM327

Supported software:. Please note:. Drivers and instructions included,Easy to install. Supported Langauges:. It occupies pins 6 and MS CAN bus occupies pins 3 and Product Qualtiy problem for refund or exchange: If the product has any problems, please contact our customer service online within 7 days and return the item to us within 30 days upon the arrival. Return Service: All returned items MUST BE in the original packaging and you need to provide us with the shipping tracking number, specific reason for the return, and also your order number.

Setting up ELMconfig for 500k

If the item needs repair, refund or exchange, please use simple airmail to ship back to us. One-year warranty. If the item need repair, within one year, customers no need pay repair fee but need to pay both back and forth shipping cost.

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OBDResource on iMessage. Languages English. JDiag Inc. News Specials Top Sellers.

forscan focccus ff2 elmconfig software download

My Account Hello, please sign. No products Shipping: Total: Check out. Forscan ELM V1. Helena France,St. Notify me when available. Elm Bluetooth infinite diagnost.

forscan focccus ff2 elmconfig software download

ELM Mini V1. Benz Vediamo V Viewed products. Majority of modern Ford modules are accessible only through this protocol. Support FORD models open hidden function. Product Warranty: 1 year, one Year for from the date equipment arrival Free repair and maintenance service within one year Free technical support by internet online or via phone. Comments 0.Published on April 27th, by James Simpson. First you will need to buy a ELM OBDII Interface — To get full functionality and to enable all options above, you will need to modify this device, as out of the box, you will only be able to edit certain aspects on the High Speed Can network within the car Can Hi.

As there are two types of network in the new model Fords as with most other carsthere are two different ways how these connections have to be interpreted. Now the ELM is open, you can remove both white plugs pictured below — this will allow us some space to work with. You can also remove the OBD plug by pulling the plug out of the housing, this will allow us to cut the required wires. Using the diagram above, you will need to cut 6 strips of wire 3 amp around 2 inch long.

If you have different colours, this can help, if not, make sure you label each wire to help distinguish between the wires. All the pins are numbered on the OBD port which helps a lot. Shrink wrap all wires, this makes it look neat, and stops shorts that may happen when putting everything together.

And make sure your soldering iron is nice and hot before soldering any joints. You will need a mini switch which looks like the following must have 6 prongs — on-on switch :. This should complete the wiring modification. Now drill a hole into the plastic moulding as I have done in my picture below.

You will need to download the Runtime Pack installerand let it run Local Download. This program EMLConfig will allow you to modify ECU features, to activate or de-activate options which were only accessible by putting your car into the local Ford dealership. Now this can be a very dangerous tool, so use this with care — make sure you make a backup of each of the settings before you write to your ECU.

I will explain how this is done further into the guide. Leave the speed set toand then select your vehicle from the connection type. Below this, you can read the fault codes within each module, and also clear the codes to prevent the warning lights showing. As you click through each of the modules in ELMConfig, you will see the information tab, clicking the read button on each of these screens will read information from the cars ECU modules and display the information.

The following additional options on top of standard options can be added to the centre screen. They can also be removed again, as can standard options already present if you wish, such as Clock:. I will try and keep this updated as much as possible, and when I find new releases, I will host them on here also.

So that is a basic overview of ELMConfig, it looks like an extensive application, and I will be playing around with this some more. More information can be found in the following thread on Focus Owners Club.

Interests in the automotive industry and technology, and blogging about things which I feel would interest the readers of the world wide web. I have the modified ELM unit and was using Forscan but decided to try elmconfig.This will be a trial an error on my parti will only tell you what i have clicked on.

I will do my best with help from other people to translate from Russian to English. Information on rewiring your ELM reader. Let drivers install. Set Bit rate Select what you want turned on or off. First peel off the label to reveal 4 crosshead screw and remove them.

Unplug the connector socket from the board. Wiring Diagram Use the wiring Diagram as a guide. Cut protective shrink wrap off 14 and DE-Solder the wire.

Shrink wrap all wires Solder Number 14 wire to number 14 on the connector side Solder Number 11 wire to spare number 11 on the connector side Solder Number Lcan wire to the original number 14 wire you DE-Soldered. Cut protective shrink wrap off number 6 and DE-Solder the wire. Solder Number 6 wire to number 6 on the connector side Solder Number 3 wire to spare number 3 on connector side Solder Number Hcan wire to the original number 6 wire you DE-Soldered. Cut a small section of the box out to allow room for the cables to leave the box.

Plug the connector back into the board and route wires and place lid back on the ELM Screw casing back together. Place sticker back on. Number 3 wire to can-H wire Number 11 wire to can-L wire tape up number 6 wire tape up number 14 wire Of course with a switch in place you can easily switch between to two configs.

Next step is to send commands to the ELM to make it adjust to the new setup config. As your typing two leds will flash on the ELM Once you have finished. Configure your PC to Russian Language time and zone and keyboardthis will require a rebootremove any password you have on your PCmine would not let me log back in until i figured out how to change lang to UK to input my password lol.

If you wish to go back to Dash board IPC Stop program unplug every thingFlick switch or adjust wires if not switch back to original And repeat. Here are the 2 screens Happy Editing. I have turned everything i want on in the clusteri now have the scary part to do which is hack my ELM to bits and rewire it, i have now ordered the type of dual switch needed and i think i have figured out the diagram for wiring.

It's the GEM module that i really want to get too for the Auto door locking and Auto heated screen for starters. I have turned everything i want on in the clusteri now have the scary part to do which is hack my ELM to bits and rewire it. Yes Lenny the ELM OBD 2 is the code readerwhich you can use to read all sorts of info on your car in standard setuplots of demo or free programs out there and you can also read and remove fault codes etc. Personally I'd be more worried about!

There are dozens and dozens of Forum pages regarding this Mod from the guy that made the softwarei have read lots of themand never seen anything but praise for the software.

I like to do! If i mess up my ECU for which i have not seen one single post that this has happened then it will be my fault. Why on earth half of this stuff is not turned on by default is beyond me.Release notes.

Edge 2. Edge model year Fiesta North America 1. Explorer model years Focus MK3. B-Max 1. Ecosport 1. Edge model years Expedition model years Explorer 3. Expedition model years F model years Ranger model years Lincoln Navigator model years.

Explorer model year Ranger model year Ranger model years experimental. Everset 2. Expedition model years Explorer model year Lincoln Navigator model years.

Edge model years Escape model years Expedition model years Explorer model years F model years Focus model years F-Series P model years Flex model years Kuga model years Taurus model years Lincoln MKS model years Lincoln MKT model years Lincoln MKX model years Lincoln Navigator model years.

Expedition 5. F-Series Super Duty 6. E-Series model years Excursion model years Expedition model years F F96 platform model years F SuperCrew P platform model years F Light Duty F platform model years F-Series F platform model years Lincoln Blackwood model years Lincoln Navigator model years.

Escape Hybrid 2. F-Series Super Duty platform P 6. Edge model years Explorer model years Focus Mk3. Focus Mk3. Focus Mk1 platform C model year F model year Escape 2. Mazda 6 2. Bantam model year Figo model years Fiesta model years Fusion model years Ikon model years Transit model year Mazda 2 European market model years.

Fusion US market model year Milan model year Mustang model year. Expedition model year Explorer model year Lincoln Aviator 4. Expedition model year Explorer model year Thunderbird model year Lincoln Aviator model year Lincoln LS model year Lincoln Navigator model year Mercury Mountainer model year.

Explorer model year Explorer SportTrac 4. Focus Mk3 model year Focus Mk3. BMax 1.

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